Rocket To Mushroom Kingdom Tour Poster

Rocket To Mushroom Kingdom Tour Poster

When I first started making these video game/music mash-up this was the second one I did. I began drawing this right after I drew punk rock Mario. I wanted to do one that focused on the other brother - Luigi. I sat down with a big piece of paper (I actually think it was two pieces of paper taped together) and back cover of Rocket To Russia in front of me. My son sat next to me and made all the suggestions of the things on the map.

Then I altered it to look like the tour shirt for Rocket To Russia. There's so much detail in this one. There's also so much love in it - it combines two of my favorite things Mario and The Ramones.

Each poster is printed on 11x17 top quality paper and is signed and numbered.

Hey ho let's-a-go!