Hi-Fi Anxiety Fun Size 11 Battle Royale/Rocky Horror

Hi-Fi Anxiety Fun Size 11 Battle Royale/Rocky Horror

I made this zine for the 2nd annual Awesomely Bad Movie Night at the Nerd Emporium in Pueblo on New Years Eve. The Nerd Emporium planned to show Rocky Horror at Midnight again and for this year I picked Battle Royale. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to an illness but that just means I have more copies to put up here for all of you.

The Battle Royale side talks about the Video Nasty list and possible reasons why people thought Battle Royale was banned in the U.S. I also talk about how I discovered the movie. It also comes with a golf pencil so you can cross off the students as they get killed.

On the Rocky Horror side I try to shed some light on how the movie became the movie with the longest theater run and possibly how the audience participation became such a big part of it. This side includes a paper piece of toast and a bag of rice.

Shipping is a little more on this one because of the added weight the pencil adds.