You May Remember Me From - The Films Of Troy McClure

$8.00 - $42.00
You May Remember Me From - The Films Of Troy McClure

Troy McClure is my favorite character from the Simpsons and he was brilliantly played by the late, great Phil Hartman. McClure was Springfield's resident (b) movie actor and through the course of the show they have mentioned a ton of films he's been in.

I set out to make posters for a bunch of them and then compiled them into this zine. The zine unfolds to reveal an 11x17 poster.

Vol 1 consists of the movies of Troy McClure. There are 4 variations. There is only 1 left with the Radioactive Man Postcards.

The 4 variations are:
The President's Neck Is Missing (sold out)
Preacher With A Shovel (sold out)
Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die (sold out)
Dial M For Murderousness (only 1 left!)

Vol 2 is made up of Troy McClure's Educational films and PSAs. The Fuzzy Bunny's Guide To You-Know-What comes with a Blinker keychain. I have a very limited number of copies with keychains so pick one up before they are gone. There are 4 different variation of this one too.

The 4 variations are:
Fuzzy Bunny's Guide To You-Know-What
Young Jedediah Springfield
Alice's Adventure Through The Windshield Glass
Get Confident Stupid